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About Beauty Pageant

Most Vivacious Miss Himachal

This Is How Our Story Began

Most Vivacious Miss Himachal (A Beauty Pageant) was started by multi media group Hill Quest in 2017.

The Hill Quest started its journey with print media publication in 1996 with an English newspaper. The journey of newspaper stated in Black and White that saw many ups and downs during its journey. In 2015 it started its online news web portal that soon became choice of intellect of the region.

With new initiatives and thrust of social media Hill Quest started Youtube Channel and made its presence on Facebook and Twitter handles.

With a wider scope of presentation and with the increase in reach among masses HQ conceived Most Vivacious Miss Himachal contest in 2017. The success of first event encouraged the organising team to do better next time and the event rolled on.

In 2017 the participation in the event was just 37 young girls while in 2018 the number increased to 69 and in 2019 over 85 bold and beautiful girls participated in the event from all over the state.

The organisation has spent over Rs. Ten Lac on the event including prize money to the winners. This is only beauty contest in the region that encourages young talented, bold and beautiful girls to build confidence and concur the competitive world in all walks of life.


Meet Our Team




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